Callum Flack

Beautiful hypertext products
Remote tropical Australia

I'm a designer who codes with 20 years of experience in brand design, interface design and web engineering. In the 00s, I worked as a brand designer at Saatchi & Saatchi, London. Now, I work as a frontend engineer and designer for an AI start-up in San Francisco. I ran my own consultancy for over seven years, where I learned the invaluable lessons of listening, explaining and scope management. In a past life, I ran a few vinyl record labels.

I work at Vana as both engineer and designer, shaping the product towards market fit. Prior to this I built Cleared from the intial commit through to its sale in early 2022. I am currently not available for freelance work.

I also write an irregular newsletter. It's a valuable reflection exercise during cooldown periods. Please consider subscribing.