A designer who codes

Callum Flack is fluid across graphic design, information design and frontend development. Because the quality of the connections crystalises the quality of the whole.

Understanding the quality of the connections that bridge design and code is the key to creating seamless web interfaces. Callum Flack Design can help you design a visual brand, its user experience and information structure, and he can build it too. The difference isn't obvious until it is. You can break down the work Callum does into:

  • Brand identity and graphic design
  • User interface and information design
  • Frontend web development

When Callum builds websites, he advocates for these future-facing tools:

  • Building interfaces with Vue.js (or React.js)
  • A JAMstack architecture with git-based deployments (where possible)
  • A "headless" Content Management System (if applicable)


Since starting out in 2000, Callum has worked in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, for design studios, advertising agencies and tech startups. Since 2015, Callum and his family have lived in Cairns, Australia. Before teaching himself to code websites starting in 2010, his career highlight was working as a brand designer at Saatchi & Saatchi Design, London in 2006. Callum has also owned and run a few vinyl record labels in past years.

Callum has great eye for detail, yet he also understand the "why" of things. His visual design work is top notch and he never forgets that design serves people. He's always taking the work over the advantage line, so to speak, so he's very easy to collaborate with. Brian Hur, Founder, VetPronto (YCW15)

Win-win collaborations

No tools, skills or experience matter without good project definition and mutual understanding. A collaborative relationship based on dialogue and optimism is the cheapest and most effective method of obtaining this. This also helps define bigger possibilities and better constraints to work with, and anticipates problems ahead of time during the project.


Based in tropical Cairns, Australia, Callum works with local, interstate and international clients. He plugs into product teams, agencies or work one-to-one with business owners. He enjoys travelling to meet in person.

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