Oceanblue Living

—— design, frontend

Oceanblue Living were stuck with a website they couldn't update, and they badly needed to talk to their audience. After workshopping their needs and audience requirements, I designed and built a website that told a simple, powerful story of how their metalworks can transform living spaces.

Their metalworks are rugged and beautiful. To capture this, we collaborated with home and landscape specialist J-Create Photography. The website design makes full use of the results, immersing the viewer in the variety of works.

The visual design system uses highly structured fonts, with hand-drawn icons that match the 'craftsmanship' archetype central to their brand repositioning.

Callum showed us a bigger vision of what our work means to our audience. And he's been able to convert ideas into reality. The site naturally draws comments and filters our clients. It certainly creates better business for us. LeaAnne Cassaniti, Owner

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The goal of the website is to become a place people can dream of their perfect home and office space, and create a community around Oceanblue's works.

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