Primary Healthcare Network NQ

—— design, frontend

Primary Healthcare Network North Queensland wanted to digitise the World Health Organisation's Quality of Life survey to rapidly and economically build a map of patient well-being in their service areas. We built a maintainable, easy to use responsive website that worked on any screen size, and which securely stored patient responses.

All data collected was anonymous. At survey completion, users were presented with a quality of life score, which they could share by email or SMS.

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Close collaboration was essential: I had to understand the use cases for the survey for PHN staff, service providers and patients. The better the experience, the more people will complete the survey, and the greater benefit for PHN.

A well-defined series of workflows with clear interface design means the app can be used with no more than general smartphone knowledge. However, I also provided guides and screencasts for staff and their patients to encourage their use.

The resulting survey app immediately created value for PHN. It's an experience that patients and staff find fast, simple and easy. This helps PHN to collect quality data they can use to improve their services.

This app is not publicly available. Please get in touch for a demo.