VJ Ray

—— design, frontend

VJ Ray Real Estate are one of Sydney's original Strata Management agencies. They asked me to consider their customer value proposition and use it to rebuild their digital presence. During research and discussions, our strategy was clarified by a throw-away comment from an employee: "We manage people, not just property."

My response was to focus on putting customers first by using portraits of real staff members, a clear, fast interface design and accessible information flows with forthright messaging.

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Values of openness, honesty and accessibility are created through the interface design: strong, clear typography, with icons that highlight features, and reduced, straightforward forms.

VJ Ray's business is winning people's trust through their service. The new websites set the scene by being clear, fast and honest.

The website never shouts, never wastes a person's time. Instead, it starts by aiming to be helpful. In this way, the message is clear: VJ Ray are listening and ready to help.

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