Replier is a web app that lets you quickly respond to questions buried in long messages by choosing what’s important and removing the rest. It helps one to avoid losing important info in the vortex of chat messages and email chains.

I designed and built Replier in collaboration with Jeremy Wortsman at Jacky Winter in 2019. It was Jeremy's idea and to this day we still love geeking on tiny utility ideas like this (ideas gestating, watch this space).

It didn't take over the world but it did get some kudos across the tech community on launch. Superhuman, the email app, incorporated our idea into their product about a year after we launched. I can't do email without Superhuman, so I’m very happy they did.

It still gets about 1000 hits a week, so I hope some folks are getting use out of it. Check out Replier.

Jeremy's release demo for Replier

I still have a soft spot for the flexibility and precision of the logotype. The spacing between the keyboard shortcut “r” works both with the logotype and as a standalone logo, large or small.

Replier logotype